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Move: A and D or Arrow Keys

Jump: SPACE/Z/W/Up Arrow

Walljump: Press SPACE when adjacent to a wall.

Swim: Press SPACE

Reset to last checkpoint: R

Main Menu: ESC


Left Joystick or D-PAD to move

A Button to jump

Y Button to reset to last checkpoint

START - Main Menu

Walkthrough if you're having trouble: 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tagsdie-alot, Funny, giant-level, hard, holiday, tough, wall-jumping
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsGamepad (any)

Development log


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Failed to rescue Pineapple: 11.28

Failed Revenge:  23.46

pls put dusty depot back in the game

best time literally ever

new best time

28 up 1;05 in total

that took a long time

Failed to forgive in 11:51

Failed to get revenge in 24:36

81 deaths!


wtf  santa cuadrado xd


failed to forgive big square: 00:16:24

failed to get revenge: 00:35:38

Deaths: 138


Good job

good job!


This is the BEST game i have ever played in my entire life. O_O

failed to forgive Big Square: 00:20:41

failed to get revenge: 00:51:08

Times I died: 192


I died a lot..

over 150 times I think..

same tho

Failed to forgive Big Square: 00:10:27

Failed to get revenge: 00:21:02

Times i died: 42


failed to forgive Big Square: 00:21:10

Failed to get revenge: 00:34:54

number of times i died: 124

comments: wished i died 123 times instead

I dare someone to do a slower time with more deaths than me

lol, done it was also the first run 

I probably did that..

Me   encanto, alguien que me diga si hay otro juego parecido a este :3

Esta fue mi puntuación ;-;

i was so close to sub 30 why

14:32 Failed to forgive

31:13 Evil Squarmas

139 Deaths

18:01 failed to forgive

41.08 Squarmas sucks now.

212 deaths

25:43 You failed revenge.

37:24 Father Squarmas sucks now.

You died 259 times.

Second time beating this tower my first time took me like 1:19 hours and i died either 565 or 595 times. so, not bad.

My second time beating the game I shaved off quite a bit of time and deaths

That's a really really good time!

My first time beating the game I always used to just not complete it but could go to higher levels easily

(1 edit)

I don't get the pun that the square mentions of

New PB

This is my third full run of game!
i think i did good 

How... is this possible

I've done 16 minutes with a lot of mistakes. it is possible, you just have to know the layouts


So, I could then easily convince Father Squarmas to join my side again?


Probably! He is easily persuaded, isn't he?

ya idk bout that



Is there no audio? I dont hear music about halfway through

Oh i beat it w/ no audio but since I used the music for my 'runs' I ended up making 52 minute run xdd

if you go over too all by evil object there's the new tower (not ready to play but it says what it is)

I have a suggestion for those who are trying to get a faster time in this game.  (This could work for the other towers, too)

When you start the game, you could start and go until you die for the 1st time. Once you die for the 1st time, do the obstetrical that you failed on three times with out dying.  And then do the next obstetrical three times, and keep doing that until you beat the game.

This will obviously be slower than any other run you've ever done, but when you practice, you can do it better when you are doing a for real run. 

Don't be discouraged when you see times that are MUCH faster than you, because those people, had a hard time beating the game, too. The more you practice, the faster you'll get.


Do you know more specificly it will come out? no pressure.


Working on having a version out before March!




woo im super exited


whooooooooo lets goooo new record.

@evilObjective that was a great trailor.

(1 edit)

I like how EvilObjective puts the square that tells you to go back to the first tower on the second level. not saying the game is bad or anything it is a very good game.

my bad the third level.

When is squarsmas again? januarry somthing?

January 32


Wow!! thats verry helpful, i know exactly when it is now, thanks sooooo much XD


lol jk

This is my next try at beating my brother. (:


No pressure, but do you have an estimate as to when we get our next tower game? I scrolled and saw that when you said soon, it was 2 years ago, so I wanted to know.

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago
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