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Move: A and D or Arrow Keys

Jump: SPACE/Z/W/Up Arrow

Walljump: Press SPACE when adjacent to a wall.

Swim: Press SPACE

Reset to last checkpoint: R

Main Menu: ESC


Left Joystick or D-PAD to move

A Button to jump

Y Button to reset to last checkpoint

START - Main Menu

Walkthrough if you're having trouble: 

Development log


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New personal record yeet.

I just flew through it and this time got a screenshot

New personal best!

New record :)

That's insane bro! I don't know how you go up so fast but that's really impressive!

thank you for this amazing gam

You're welcome :) Glad you like it.

I wish I got a screenshot but my best time so far 14:52with 44 deaths

That's really good!

That's a great time, good job!

eh, third try :p

Sweet Father Squarmas that's an amazing time/deaths!

Thanks, I probably play this too much...

For some reason it no longer loads, is there some sort of problem with my device, or is it the game itself?

Name of the song please, really the song that plays when you climb the tower is freaking Pawesome :P


I think that's a new record!

Congrats man I get on that.

wow! thats actually really, really fast

oh man that was tough

so close

I am a man on a mission

Good luck!

New personal best! Anyone beat 13:25?

Holy smokes you are a beast! That is the best time I've  seen, I think your the reigning champ.

Just to let ya know you misspelled "get" in "GET IT TODAY" in the description. 

Fixed thanks :)


Hi Ben,

If you are using a computer that clears webstorage after each use (like a shared work or school computer) then progress might be cleared each time someone logs on/off that computer. 

I didn't get revenge on Big Square

(1 edit)

Didn't get the pun until the square pointed it out.

I dont know if anyones noticed but sometimes there is a glitch and sometimes the moving sawblades stop moving

Then This


I know what you mean


should've recorded this :(

damn thats a good time

Wow! Pretty sure that is the best score I've seen yet. I'm not sure even I could do that...

augh ive been noticed


How in the balls of father squaremas...

After multiple attempts on my stream i got this

What is the pun that that square mentions?? the one having to do with the title. Big ICE Tower.....

i dont get it. Someone please explain it to me.

(1 edit)

I think it's a pun on big a$$ tower

Whoo new record ^v^

(1 edit)

Just wanted to let you know that this and the first game are on cool math, I don't know if you gave them permission to do this.

Personal Best

this is my best so far  https://www.speedrun.com/run/y67qk2pm

I guess I gotta go for sub 00:16:XX

My personal Best


Great game btw.

I think the 1st one was harder. Just sayin'.

I like this game a little too much i think.

Fire or space tower, or one that is upside-down (you go to the bottom to get to Big Square) or maybe one where there are blocks and things that you can push

--Failed to forgive Big Square in: 00:16:36

--Failed to get revenge in: 00:43:29

 --Died 244 time 

Good Game

this is a great game and this is my record

Great game, enjoyed it very much! :D

Looking forward to playing more of your games :)



Great Game, Also space tower


    --Failed to forgive Big Square in 37:05

    --Failed to get revenge in 1:07:10

    --Died 436 times

There really should be a secret there once you clear out all the blocks.

I've done it too, was a bit disappointed haha :') i wonder what the purpose of the spot really is :D

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Awesome game, Great platformng just like the first one

Failed to fogive Big Square in: 35:30

Failed to get revenge in: 1:05:32

(1 edit)

I Don't have twitter but I think the next tower should be a dungeon where you go down instead of up. or at least you start in a dungeon where all the small squares are locked up and you can only talk to them there no where else. a space tower/satellite with gravity and stuff would be cool though.

That's actually not a bad idea, Ben

I like the graphics on the itch.io version better than steam. the steam version looks a lot harder though.

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