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1:33:20,482 muertes
Record :D

i beat it in 1:10 and died 523 times

¿Cuál es el WR del juego?


I cannot describe to you how much I now want to drop everything and make a game just like this.

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ong finally :D estoy así desde incluso mucho mas antes de la pandemia y hoy justito lo logré, que chevere. Ahora a jugar el otro xd

Why is this block not showing up? what happened?

is there something there? I feel like something wouldn't be there

Imagine playing all the "Big Tower Tiny Square" games at once

Not a world record, but getting there

wow very well done!


Holy- I don't wanna say that word

best time ever

Failed to kill pineapple: 00:28:06

Failed to kill Big Square: 00:45:03

Died: 162

played all the other games they're awesome hope for more towers in the future!

awesome game loved it

bro i'm stuck

After WEEKS, i finally did it :DD


(I'm posting my best times on this message)


first run (not first time beating the game.) so close to sub-30 :(


Nice, a sub 30. 4th run, would have been least sub 25 if I hadn't choked so much


Thought I did much better... was hoping for sub 25


got this on my 11th run out of nowhere. I had the smoothest pineapple not rescue, and a even smoother fail to kill big squar

Really nice while in school. Perfect time-waster. Only downside is your best times are deleted when you restart. Otherwise amazing.

Kinda simple, but its really entrataining. Love it

How come the big flappy tower tiny square is not in yet?

It will be coming in January some time :) 

How many Big Tower Tiny Square games are there? I just finished Big Flappy Tower Tiny Square. It was very hard. All of them are! :D

There are 4 so far:

- Big Tower Tiny Square

- Big ICE Tower Tiny Square

- Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square

- Big FLAPPY Tower VS Tiny Square

Thanks for playing and hopefully there will be more coming soon!

Oh my gosh! You're so welcome, I LOVE playing them. They're so awesome and challenging! :D Thanks so much for replying!!


After three years, rage, walkthroughs, tutorials, speedrun videos, and support, I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

yay :D

i feel bad for pineapple tho 


Way to go!

hoorayy  its a drem come true evilobjective reply yay :D it is an honor

im trying so hard for sub 30

THis game has change my life because it is awesome

i havent beaten it yes tho 

evilobjective lz reply lol

how good i am

it sucks


ur just saying dat cuz u havent even beaten level 5 yet like i did. its really hard and i hated the game too. just keep trying and youll most likely like the game again :D


this game gave me ptsd but that's ok

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My game doesnt save when i close the game

other than that this is pretty good(and hard)

Edit: nevermind



It was because i had 3rd party cookies off


This game is so fun to play!

Got stuck :(


press y (or r , can’t remember) to reapawn at the last checkpoint. 

Thank you, i forgot that lol

lmao I've done that once

why is this game free on the browser but it costs 1 dollar on the app

My best try yet!

I failed to rescue pineapple in 00:26:46

Failed to kill Big Square in 00:47:23

Number of times I died: 220

Nice way to go!

Big Neon tower was sooo hard

lmao, mine was:
I failed to rescue pineapple in 26:25
I failed to kill Big Square in 40:59
I died 147 times
I can do better though

GG lo logre me costo mucho xd

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was this made in raylib

did you make this in raylib

please tell me you made this in raylib


 Nope, it was made in Construct 2

GG alfin lo hize


best run lol

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omg the creator is still alive, I LIKE THIS GAME VERY MUCH!(my childhood btw) now waiting for the tower neon lol 

anyone else got a sub 30? this took many... many attempts.

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I was only 20 minutes off, but for some reason itch isn't loading any games for me, so I can't play neon tower. :( any suggestions on what to do?

maybe try reinstalling the games? if that doesn't work try reinstalling itch

i havent played in like a mont this is not gonna be very fast lol

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I crashed when I restarted the game the second time :(

But I got a sub 50

Sub 40 lets go

I destroyed my desk



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