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Screenshot of proof Why did vsauce do this to me?

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GG Putos >:v

Este juego me harta >:v lo he jugado varias horas solo hasta el nivel 3...


I give up

Me encanta el juego

primero lo termine ayer

PB for total time: 21:58
Do I win?


tengo un nuevo vicio x2 :v

tengo un nuevo vicio


tengo un nuevo vicio


a huevo que si


Esto Esta Chido Si O No Raza? :v


komo tu gfa apoko no krnal :v


anuma zi zierto


ya tengho un nuevo vicio 



Esto Esta Chido Si O No Raza? :v





If you call constantly dying fun, then congrats

I died over 1000 times in this game but its still fun

I keep getting stuck at level 11, getting from checkpoint 2 to 3. Great game, though

The slow water glitch tends to happen when you go into the water while walking on the ground. If you jump into the water it should be fine.

Best time for Pineapple: 15:46

Best time for Big Square: 26:14

Best Deaths: 86

Failed to rescue Pineapple in: 28:10

Failed to kill Big Square in: 40:52


third attemp btw

i had alot of fun with this until i neared  the end.

framerates died in the later levels i guess to the dev putting way too many sawblades and platforms in the level(s) and because of the framerate issues my input got eaten alot and i died by inputting spacebar and not jumping, and sliding alot.

i guess a browser game can make an i5 nvidia 1060 lag so much its unplayable

the game was TONS of fun but the endgame slowdown made it feel like a chore to get to another checkpoint.

a version that's downloadable would be amazing so i could toy with the settings and finish it

youre absolutely right. this happens to me too, ive tried everything and it still loses frames

weird i played on chromebook and didn't lag

The hitboxes are sort of buggy. Sometimes I would be nowhere near a sawblade, and it would just kill me for no reason. Another thing that needs some work is the way that movement is handled. I would be moving, and have pressed the jump key, but then fall off a ledge because it did not register. This was annoying, and I even tested with a key logger and shadowplay, and was able to determine with a frame by frame in premiere pro that I had indeed pressed the key about .23 seconds before I got to the ledge... Nitpicky, but it messed me up in game. Otherwise, this is great! I love the challenge.

There is a bug i noticed after the pineapple my horizontal movement in the water was super slow. It fixed after quit and resumed but it was infuriating til i figured it out

Soundtrack please? Great game btw.

00:39:25 for pinapple 

00:59:42 for big square 

exactly 400 deaths

'...wait, exactly 400?' you might say

yes, exactly 400

i did that by accident

Failed @ Pineaple: 1:22:46

Failed @ Big Square: 1:47:35

# of deaths: 697

Ugh, I hit my computer so many times in rage at this lol. Regrets. So many deaths were from failing to jump and careless winging. I just needed to blast the music up more, the bgm is awesome. I actually liked the ending. Different. Though, if Big Square is gonna die, I'd rather push it off the tower.

Im really not good at this. 2:50:00 and 3:10:00, over 1000 deaths

An hour to fail pineapple and then another hour and a half to fail the kill, only 579 deaths though, not bad...


Was really hard, would've rushed it if I knew I was being timed. I don't really play games like this so I know my score is pretty bad. Don't judge me for it, lol.

Pineapple Fail: 00:18:57

Big Square Fail: 00:22:24

Deaths: 11

"Vegeta, what's his skill level?'

"IT'S OVER 9000!!"

but vegeta, vegeta, vegeta, vegeta. Are we they yet?



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gave up as soon as i saw the pineapple pen joke


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Pineapple Fail: 01:34:51

Big Square Fail: 02:03:47

Deaths: 763

Not that bad, right?

... right?

8/10 would recommend.

This game is proof that there is no god

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Failed to rescue Pineapple: 1:20:35

Failed to kill Big Square: 2:19:12

Deaths: 630



Kill me.

The game is good though.


My only advice for this super 'FUN' game is if you hate yourself and love pain this is for you! Otherwise you should keep playtime to max five minutes, appreciate the effort put in to create this 'masterpiece of pure joy', vote for it on greenlight if you feel so inclined and never look back.


9/10 would play again. Great controls, but you should make the underwater speed a tad faster, and increase friction and tweak wall jumps a little.

Failed to rescue pineapple in: 43 minutes

Failed to kill big square in: 1 hour 3 minutes 

Total deaths: 402

Well that was interesting. It was pretty damn fun I gotta admit. Great level design, music and art was really cool, and the land controls were nice and tight. There were some jerkish turret placements that really make the game cheap in later levels, and that horizontal movement in water is literally the worst I've seen, but it was certainly a fun experience. Nice job.

Pinapple Fail: 00:28:16

Big Square Fail: 00:42:59

Total Deaths: 159

Whoa I'm actually pretty good at this.

Well... Extremely fun game.  It was very entertaining and I will probably be playing it for another month and a half. Its a great time killer. Music is awesome, level design is awesome, game play is awesome. You thought it out very well, congratulations. It's one of those games that would make you rage and give up, but I was happy throughout and didn't stop. I suggest a few things : Firstly, increase the movement in water slightly. Second, maybe up the friction, (close to half of my deaths were slipping off the small platforms, although that does add challenge to the game) Thirdly, maybe make an alternate ending that would be somewhat to extremely complicated, which you could actually kill "Big Square" and rescue your pineapple. I love this game and will continue to spread the word. 

Failed to rescue pineapple in - 00:26:98

Failed to kill big square in - 00:35: 24

Total deaths : 193

Failure to rescue Pineapple 1:06:54

Failure to kill Big Square 1:42:37

Times died 666

Eh.. Good enough

Image result for 666

666 deaths

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this is too hard i wish the turrents were less often can you make an easy mode where you have two lives and if you get hit twice you die?

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