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Move: A and D or Arrow Keys


Walljump: Press SPACE when adjacent to a wall.

Swim: Press SPACE

Reset to last checkpoint: R


Left Joystick or D-PAD to move

A Button to jump

Y Button to reset to last checkpoint

PublisherEO Interactive Ltd.
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, die-alot, Difficult, Funny, giant-level, jumping, single-screen, wall-jumping
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
LinksSteam, Twitter, Facebook


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it sucks

this game gave me ptsd but that's ok

(1 edit)

My game doesnt save when i close the game

other than that this is pretty good(and hard)

Edit: nevermind



This game is so fun to play!

Got stuck :(


press y (or r , can’t remember) to reapawn at the last checkpoint. 

Thank you, i forgot that lol

why is this game free on the browser but it costs 1 dollar on the app

My best try yet!

I failed to rescue pineapple in 00:26:46

Failed to kill Big Square in 00:47:23

Number of times I died: 220

Nice way to go!

Big Neon tower was sooo hard

lmao, mine was:
I failed to rescue pineapple in 26:25
I failed to kill Big Square in 40:59
I died 147 times
I can do better though

GG lo logre me costo mucho xd

(1 edit)

was this made in raylib

did you make this in raylib

please tell me you made this in raylib


 Nope, it was made in Construct 2

GG alfin lo hize


best run lol

(1 edit)

omg the creator is still alive, I LIKE THIS GAME VERY MUCH!(my childhood btw) now waiting for the tower neon lol 

anyone else got a sub 30? this took many... many attempts.

(1 edit)

I was only 20 minutes off, but for some reason itch isn't loading any games for me, so I can't play neon tower. :( any suggestions on what to do?

maybe try reinstalling the games? if that doesn't work try reinstalling itch

i havent played in like a mont this is not gonna be very fast lol

(1 edit)

I crashed when I restarted the game the second time :(

But I got a sub 50

Sub 40 lets go

I destroyed my desk




I failed to rescue PineApple in 34:59

I failed to kill big square in 56:18

number of times you died 102

this is my best run yet, evilobjective these games make so many childhood memories, thanks.


this game is what made me who i am

Is that a good or a bad thing?


you decide


when the platform denies existence


im pretty sure my soul left my body on the sawblade jumps that transition on to moving plates that then go into a hole filled with spikes


took me over an hour with 744 deaths

i was sub 100 deaths before the last floor

i died only like 20 times on the way down

i hate the last floor


when you jump into a bullet...



(2 edits)

Yeah... Whats the worst part? Mine is at the start of the 11th level. Cuz that happens a lot there


Every time I pass on to a new level, or died, I left some of my soul with them.

And when I need to go back, my personal demon already has a carpal tunnel


this is a classic


I beat it in 2 hours with 779 deaths lol



About the same, but I died 993 times:( PAAAIIIINNNNNN


Let's speedrun this shit

(1 edit) (+4)

Let's go, 00:26:53. I think that's my best time yet

(Edit) Nope, my best was 00:19:56 with 42 deaths

29 minutes 39 seconds



thats my 3rd time beating i


I have problems with restarting the game, even though I hit clear and refresh the page I must still complete the game to restart; is this a bug or is it intended?  ( sorry for bad English)

Try spamming the back space, and then spam the refresh button.

I think that there is a small bug or something. When you are coming down the tower, when you get to the level that is almost all water, when you enter the water for the 1st time, I go super slow and have to kill my self before continuing. 
Just wanted to let you know.

ya that happens to me too

Ye same


2 horas con una mano porque la otra la tengo quebrada, dou

hice 43:12, wow, nuevo record para mí, espero superarme pronto :D


yo tarde 4:30 horas ;(


Primera vez, no se que tal estuvo ustedes diganme

Para una primera vez no esta nada mal la verdad, yo en mi primera creo que tarde como 1:30 en pasarmelo :)

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