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Move: A and D or Arrow Keys


Walljump: Press SPACE when adjacent to a wall.

Swim: Press SPACE

Reset to last checkpoint: R


Left Joystick or D-PAD to move

A Button to jump

Y Button to reset to last checkpoint

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Published79 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsArcade, die-alot, Difficult, Funny, giant-level, jumping, single-screen, wall-jumping
Player countSingleplayer


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Really fun game! Good work :)

I quite like the humor, and the game is solid as a brick, but the controls aren't quite as tight as they ought to be.

I can tell you were going for a Meat Boy/SMB style game, but in those games, very rarely do you feel like you're fighting with the controls. I had quite a bit of trouble in this with controlling the momentum off of wall jumps personally.

------- V. 1.2.1 -------

- Some minor player control tweaks

- Small level design tweaks to accommodate player control changes

Hey bro!

Long time no see! How u doin?

Is it possible to climb all the way down? rip pineapple


Yep it sure is!


Thanks! (i love this game!!!)

The reason i asked is because one part was super hard so i wanted to know. (That part is beat now :3)


Thanks a lot for playing! I'm pretty sure I know the super hard part you were talking about. Glad you got by it!

Lol, it said (in the menu) "you know im not much of a tower person, im more of a castle square" (or something like that)


------- Version 1.2 Notes -------

- Adjusted momentum on ground and in air for tighter controls.

- Z on keyboard can now be used to jump

- Reduced the volume of the music

- Very slightly reduced the effect of gravity on the player

- Minor adjustments to the design of the tower to accommodate momentum/gravity changes