Yarrr! Captain Looty has 2:00 minutes to shoot his booty onto getaway boats. Launch the booty onto boats before they sail away. The more booty of the same type launched into a boat the bigger the score. Launch cannonballs into the enemy boats that are trying to steal his booty! 

Controls: Mouse or Touch


  • Tap on the loot boxes to drop gems.
  • Collect up to 3 gems at a time
  • Tap on the cannon to load your gems
  • Tap the wheel to fuel your cannon
  • Cannon automatically fires when fueled
  • Try to launch multiple of the same gems for a score multiplier bonus
  • Ships automatically sail after 20 seconds, or once filled with 6 gems
  • Enemy ships will show up - tap cannonballs to load cannon with a cannonball and destroy the enemy ships
  • Games starts with a 2:00 minute time limit. Filling ships with 6 gems adds time to the clock. Wasting gems by letting them expire or launched into the sea subtracts time.


Most of it: Evil Objective

Music: Kyle Reczek 

Art: Pixel Frog Tileset

Development log


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I don't know if it's a bug, but the cursor is very hard to see.

The soundtrack for this game 👌

You can grab it here too https://banyango.bandcamp.com/album/shooty-booty-looty