LD37 Jam Entry

You are trapped all alone in a small room - but you can push the walls and floors at will! Can you escape?


Arrow Keys to Move. Hold Space when against a wall/floor then arrow keys to move the walls/floor in the direction you want.

Music By: http://greyscreen.tumblr.com/

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I took a second to realize I could move the walls, didn't the the description.. :p R

Really fun!

I love this one! This was really fun and I killed myself! Good job and good luck on the next big tower! :)

P.S: I am almost done with Big ICE Tower Tiny Square!

fun but short, cool puzzles could be made qith this idea, you re a great videogame developer , all your games have been really fun to play keep it going

Thanks dude!


Short, but really cool

incredibly short

This Game is Genius!

a little work and it would be great!