New Video, Screenshots and More!

Hey Tiny Squares! 

Lot's of stuff to see today! Check out the all-new screenshots of some of the first few levels of the new tower. You also get your first look at an all new redesigned Big Square. Now he looks quite a bit more ominous than before. He must have put on a covid 50lbs since he grew substantially in size. 

The first gameplay video is attached too! You'll notice a new enemy, the security bots! They come in two types: lazy and patroller. Either will chase you if you get too close to them. They will chase you until you can find a box to hide in...or until you die (at which point they laugh at you - what bunch of squareholes!). 

Development is hopping along fast so the game will be out in Early Access at the end of March. If you give it a Wishlist on Steam that would make me very happy!

Of course the game will be available here on Itch as well! 

Stay tuned for more info as development continues and thanks for your support.

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