New Tower. Old Enemy. Ride the vaporwaves and avoid the neon nusiences in the 3rd instalment of the Big Tower Tiny Square series played by MILLIONS across the web!

Inspired by 90s arcades, the Big NEON Tower is one giant level broken up into large single-screen sections. Each obstacle has been meticulously placed. Each section devilishly designed. It will take patience and skill to navigate the maze-like tower. Precision is key to success!

HTML5 Version: The free web version gives you 100 lives per play-through. To play a version with unlimited lives, please purchase the game from here on itch (or any of the links to Steam, iOS, or Android). Your support is greatly appreciated! 

DRM-Free Download: You can purchase a windows version right here off itch. It is DRM-free and gives you access to 32 bit, 64 bit, and ARM versions for Windows.

Come chat about the game in our Discord:


Menu UI: A/W or Arrow Keys to move, space to select. Click or touch UI on mobile.

Keyboard: Move with Arrow Keys or A D | Jump: Space Bar or Up Arrow or Z or W | Y to restart at last checkpoint | ESC for Menu

Controller: Joystick to move | A to jump | Y to restart at last checkpoint | Start for menu

Mobile: Move with touch buttons on left side of screen | Jump with touch button on right | Tap top of screen for main menu


Game is choppy/low FPS: Toggle the PERFORMANCE button in options for smoother gameplay. (Defaulted On for mobile)

Too zoomed out: Toggle the ZOOM button in options for a zoomed in view on the player. (Defaulted On for mobile)

Can't start: Highlight the start button with A/D and press space (Keyboard) or Joystick and A button (Controller) or click Start. On mobile just touch the start button. 

Stuck? Here's a walkthrough with developer commentary:


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files: 36 MB

Also available on

Development log


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this is so fuuunnnn!!!! i made an evil objective reddit, if anyone wants to check it out, heres the link:

it lags too much for me so the inputs are too late so it is unplayable I really wish I could play it tho


Hey is the 'Performance' button in the options menu green? That turns off all the lighting/other effects and should dramatically improve performance. It should run on nearly anything with the mode on.

i think my game broke

new record bb

I am not sure if it is intended, but if you are in one of the yellow boxes you can hide in, the robots can still kill you if the just happen to run into it when they are returning to their post. It might be a bug or something, just thought I would bring it up.

i found that its helpful at a certain part to get up the tower faster and it helped me get a sub 12 going up the tower but thats just me 


found the way to beat with one hundred lives. if you die too many times in one place, just reload the site, and Boom! starting off the latest check point with however many lives you came to that checkpoint.

EvilObjective I played the game on mobile and I loved it, one recommendation is the controls feel a little weird, I am a right hand player but the movement buttons are on the left. 

new PB baby 

Why do you only get 3 lives? And you have to buy it for 5$ to get unlimited. It was unlimited on the other towers so why now? 

Yea I was wondering that also.

But think of it this way, you keep on trying with only three lives and eventually you beat the game with 1 or 2 deaths.

that's impossible even if I memorize the map I'm bound to make mistakes

You get 100 lives per play through, which the game is definitely beatable with but might take a little practice. There are some other websites I've uploaded the game where you have unlimited lives, however those versions have advertisements implemented. 

i can't believe I have been in 3 games

I think that im worrying to much


cant get the fricken game to load, Ive cleared history and restartded my computer help

i probably need help

im dying inside

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im reading comments and I cant play. 

(1 edit)

its not loading for me. help. :(

Hey could you tell me how you are trying to play (mobile/PC). Also does the screen show anything? (loading bar, error message, anything like that).

I'm playing on a Laptop. Basically I don't even get a loading screen on any game, it's just a blank white or black square.

that’s strange. Does it happen for every game on or just my games?

Every single game, I play other games by Kodiqi and it's the same problem there. I think it might be a problem on my end, as this is a school issued computer.

It's not blocked though, but these are really crappy laptops. At this point I can't think of what could be wrong.

ive played some but there are alot of ads on crazy games

its on crazygames 

it's been a month

think hes been working on an IOS version 

Even though I've not yet seen the NEON Tower, the first tower was ridiculously hard, especially with those 5 jumps onto platforms with vertically moving sawblades and then 3 moving platforms. The ICE tower has no problems except for the fact that the Ice has too much slipperyness.

(2 edits)

The tower's not that hard, it only took me 2 hours.

The second one took about 1 hour though.


It's live on Steam! Check it out here:

Itch version to follow in couple of weeks. Thanks for your support everyone :) 

This is gonna be epic gamer, I can already tell.

It's been 2 weeks already. But, I do have an idea for the 4th "Big ____ Tower VS Tiny Square" game. I call it "Big Disco Tower VS Tiny Square".

Would the goal in the Big Disco Tower be Stayin' Alive through the Disco Inferno?


No. But, like how a disco normally uses music to work, the player will have to find and hit boomboxes scattered around the tower. If they don't hit a boombox in time, they die and are sent back to the previous boombox they hit, checkpoints ignored. This could really be cool, as the player now has a time limit to deal with. These boomboxes are not required on the way back down. There'd also be different colored tiles, being Red, Blue, and Yellow. Blue tiles act like the ice in the Big ICE Tower, Red tiles instantly kill the player (acting like a laser), and the Yellow tiles make the player instantly jump (acting like a bounce pad).

Those are cool ideas - you should try to make a Disco Tower!

I'm not good at making games.

ohh this is gonna be pog


6 hours till launch! YEAAAHHH!

first a big tower then an ice tower and now a FRICKEN SYNTHWAVE STYLE BIG TOWER this is gonna be good.




I've completed both of the preexisting big tower tiny square games and they have never goten old.  :D




Im saying the same thing pal

Me too

I soooo exiteedddd!!!

when is it going to release

the end of march if my memory serves me right.

Epic. Cant wait to play it!

This is going to be pog

hehe yeah booiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

YES, I went to see all by evil object and saw this and i flipped out



THANK YOU FOR A NEW TOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

YES Thank you SO MUCH:) :)

omg waiting forever for this, glad it is finally here!

Me too

Currently in Development. Stay tuned for more gameplay pics ,videos, and more!