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Please add a button to mute the music

Hey there is a mute button in the options. Hit ESC to go to the menu -> options -> mute (it mutes all sound though not just music).

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I feel like I'll finish the game with more than a thousand deaths xD (google translate)

En hola

how i can save

go to the menu and there is a save and quit option


How did this happen

En mi kerido amigo :v es facil. tienes que tener mucha concentracion y paciencia

sre todo en el agua que te hace ir lento a la derecha e izquierdA PERO AL BAJAR Y SUBIR VAS RAPIDO tienes k ttener cuidado al pasartelo 

RIP I forgot my account password and I couldn't recover it

So I'm still randomthing

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I found a bunch of new ways to finish levels faster :)

The strategies mostly included shortcuts and R (respawn) pressing

i dont think so

I just got a new personal best.  By far my best run.

Up: 13:48

Down: 9:42

Maybe WR? LOL


Just going to leave this here
Just going to leave this here

I found a interesting glitch: It consists in that when I try to delete my game in the game in the options, when I restart the page the game does not erase the game. I have tried thatseveral times and the same, it is not deleted. Please fix it. 



bit of gameplay but its really good for browser free game


GREAT GAME. It hurt, tho. 465 deaths., beat it in about an hour. I just had to finish.


por favor como reinicio el juego?

vé a opciones y dale a ''clear'' y con back space lo reinicias

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como reinicio el juego?

will they release the game for android?

i dont think s


um yea this is what happens when i try to resume game  and it just freezes there so :/

Me too 

I do not know what happens to the game

ctrl+shift+i scroll all the way up. go to <html  lang="en">  left click and go to (add attribute) than type in smooth and than restart the page and you should be good to go

This is game is SUPER FUN

It took me alot oftime tho How do you post the time?

why is there a roblox screenshot?


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EvilObjective is good at making it, I'm good at breaking it.

+If any of these are intentional, then reply. =)

Stand On Moving Platforms without Moving Glitch

On any floor with moving platforms, start on a moving platform. Make sure your spawn is close to the platform, or it won't work. Immediately die and go onto the platform. Ta-da! You're on a moving-static platform now!

Go in Portals, No Effect Glitch

Start on the second floor (or any floor with portals), and get in a portal. Then go the opposite way of the portal. There, you're not teleporting in the portal.

Comment if you found any more!

Failed to die more than 162 times in half an hour

Failed to reach Big Square in 31 minutes


this is such a fun game. I keep coming back to it, and still haven't completed it.

there should be part 2 for both of the games big tower tiny square and big ice tower tiny square

Best time yet! I only took 14 seconds to get down the tower! And that's the least amount of deaths yet! Every other time, I got over 300 deaths, at least, and for me to annihilate that makes me so happy! This is why I love rage games. You guys should keep making more BTTS games, forever and always. I think that if you make enough, I'll do a YouTube video or even a series on it, including as many of these games as possible. You guys did amazing with this one and even better with BITTS, so keep on going, and always remember to have a PMA!!!



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hello evil objective I thought it would be cool if you could collect skips in hard destations in levels to skip them hard level.

p.s. I love your games


Thanks for playing! I'll look at something like that in future releases :)

but then at the very end you need all the skips to save pineapple

2th attempt:

failed to recuse PineApple in 00:18:14

failed to kill Big Square in 00:28:05 

died 104 times

damn cool game, tks for the game

It didn't save in the browser, bought it thinking that would probably help, but its not for mac :(

Would've been nice if it said so in the description, it probably said in all the mumble text later on, dunno, but still.

Glad to support it though, it's a delicate game!!


Hey dude I am really sorry about that I will update the description to mention it is PC only. I am working on a Mac version and will send you the Mac version as soon as it's done.  I am really sorry about  that. 

Thanks, I look forward to that!

And about it not saving in the browser, isn't it supposed to do that? Maybe it's because I use Safari? I do that bc it runs much better than any other browser on mac, but maybe it treats cookies differently or something, if that's how it saves...

The web versions uses local storage for saving, which is independent of cookies so clearing cookies/not saving cookies normally shouldn't matter. However looking into this it appears that Safari throws a javascript error when using local storage in private mode. Are you using safari in private mode by any chance?

The Steam version automatically saves using Steams cloudsave functionality so it won't be a problem on that version. 

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No, I'm not in private (incognito?), only use that for other stuff... I've tried to test this, and it did remember my progress after just refreshing the site, but i think it was yesterday i tried that and today its forgotten the progress again. So it seems to happen over time. I'll try to see what happens in Chrome.

EDIT: I'm in chrome now and it seems i already quickly tested this last time, cause i started from the first checkpoint, so in that case it could look like safari is wiping the local storage after a while. Now I cleared first stage to test it so we'll see if chrome remembers that. Temporary conclusion: don't use safari for this game.

EDIT 2: Confirmed, Safari erases the data after a (very) short while, Chrome remembered most of the checkpoints in the stage, though i cleared the whole one. Firefox probably works the same way. Opera doesn't erase the data, but transforms it into a Trojan horse. Netscape asks for the floppy disk to save on. Internet Explorer crashed when opened.

I did it with 92 deaths and 54 minutes for pineapple and 76 minutes for big square. BEAT IT PEOPLE! I got this on 4th attempt.

39 for pineapple and 61.5 minutes for big square. did it

2nd play through 


lol toke me 50 minto get up 24 to get down

39:41 to get up and failed to kill him in 1:01:33 

second time at school

ugh toke foreverfirst time


whoo :)

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