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FINALLY I BEAT IT!!! I died 2318 times. ugh, thanks for a wonderful game and also I would love for a map creator after you win but anyways thanks! (my #1 favorite game of 2016)

Way to go! Thanks for playing dude. A level creator would be awesome, but it's not in the cards for this version...but maybe another one in the future!


- Further (and hopefully final) control tweaks.

- Minor level adjustments based on the new controls.

First and foremost, I love this game. It's truly magnificent. I've played it to completion several times in an effort to reduce my number of deaths and/or time.

I'll add, though, that this change to the controls has made it more difficult and less enjoyable for me. The increase in friction makes it harder to move quickly, and longer jumps now require stopping, backing up, and getting a longer run before jumping.


Thanks for the kind words beegee! If you don't mind sharing, what's your best time/deaths? I'm always curious to know!

Finding the perfect balance for controls is always a struggle. By far the largest criticisms I've got to date was that the player felt too slippery and the wall-stick was too hindering, which is why I've continued to work on them (and in the case of the wall-stick, eventually removed it completely). The problem with continuing to adjust the controls is that the levels were designed for the first set of controls, not the newest ones. I have gone back and adjusted some spots here and there to make sure it is beatable, but it isn't the same as designing levels around thecontrols (which is what I originally did).

I have a follow-up 'holiday special' version of Big Tower Tiny Square coming out soon, in which the levels were designed around the new controls - hopefully it will feel a bit better to you!

I don't remember exactly, but somewhere around 18:00, 33:00, and 57.

I can only imagine the challenge of making things mesh when changing the controls after the levels have been meticulously crafted for different controls. I didn't even realize how familiar I'd become with just sliding off of a platform onto another until the controls changed and I couldn't do it anymore. Even so, it's been great fun.

I understand that this kind of game isn't for everyone, but it's an absolute favorite for me. I eagerly await your next release.

Really fun game! Good work :)

I quite like the humor, and the game is solid as a brick, but the controls aren't quite as tight as they ought to be.

I can tell you were going for a Meat Boy/SMB style game, but in those games, very rarely do you feel like you're fighting with the controls. I had quite a bit of trouble in this with controlling the momentum off of wall jumps personally.

------- V. 1.2.1 -------

- Some minor player control tweaks

- Small level design tweaks to accommodate player control changes

Hey bro!

Long time no see! How u doin?



whats up?

Wus poppin

Its the 4 musketeers

Is it possible to climb all the way down? rip pineapple


Yep it sure is!


Thanks! (i love this game!!!)

The reason i asked is because one part was super hard so i wanted to know. (That part is beat now :3)


Thanks a lot for playing! I'm pretty sure I know the super hard part you were talking about. Glad you got by it!

Lol, it said (in the menu) "you know im not much of a tower person, im more of a castle square" (or something like that)


------- Version 1.2 Notes -------

- Adjusted momentum on ground and in air for tighter controls.

- Z on keyboard can now be used to jump

- Reduced the volume of the music

- Very slightly reduced the effect of gravity on the player

- Minor adjustments to the design of the tower to accommodate momentum/gravity changes

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